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They’ve killed the Civic.

My first car ever, was the car pictured above a 1988 Civic Sedan. It was old, only one year younger than the 18 year me old but it was charming. The thing was surprisingly roomy given it’s tiny exterior, extremely reliable, very easy on the wallet, and so low to the ground I could have probably switched lanes under a Chevy Silverado or something. I love that car, there’s something about certain models of cars that transcend simply being cars and almost become living entities. Mustang, Corvette, Mini Cooper, are some and of course the Civic was one. Since 1988 to 2011 Civic just kept getting better and better, the last generation of Civic even though it was bloated still had all those “Civic-y” qualities that made it great….enter 2012.

It’s hideous. It’s so big, the rear especially is grotesque. The interior is uninspired, bland it and feels like a Camry. The sedan model especially is so big, it feels like an accord of years past. It’s as if 2002’s Hyundai made the Civic. Gone was the spirit of the car, it was not fun, it was not charming it was designed by committee. I’m not the only one who feels that way, Consumer Reports which for years have built an altar to the Civic as the best small car in America downgraded the 2012 Civic to be the worst in it’s class! 

It’s a shame really. I can’t think of any car in Honda’s line that I would want. Pilot? Nope. CR-V? Nope. CR-Z? Nope…What happened old friend? What happened to the company that made the CRX, Del Sol, S2000, and the NSX? Hell even the Passport was pretty cool.  Has it happened? Yes it has, Honda is the new Hyundai. This was the last nail in the coffin. 

RIP Civic.

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