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I haven’t featured the boys in red, white, and green in some time. I am of course talking about the Frecci Tricolori, Italy’s own military display team. Photo by Jez B.


MAN: Although this may seem like a sad even, it should not be a day of mourning.. for Manya had a rich, fulfilling life. She grew up in a different world - a simpler world - with loving parents, a beautiful home in the country, and from what I understand, she eve had a pony.. Oh, how she loved that pony. Even in her declining years, whenever she would speak of it, her eyes would light up. It’s lustrous coat, it’s flowing mane. It was the pride of Krakow.

(via The Pony Remark)


Excerpts from a Japanese NSX Brochure

Best looking card on the grid. Caterham at Spa, 2014.


A whale in the sky

Romance is alive and well in 2014.